Thursday, 30 September 2010

Starting an MA!

Well that's my first week completed on the MA Online Journalism course. Copious cups of coffee have been drunk,  I have discovered the frustrations of motorway and city traffic, travelled on a bus for the first time in about twenty years, successfully used the railway system and met many interesting people, a lot of whom are fellow students from all over the world. In fact, coming here to study from places like Bulgaria, Spain, Poland and Canada makes my hundred mile trip make me seem like a local.
So what have I made of life back in full time education? Firstly, I'm still in shock that I've done it in the first place. Secondly, I am still enjoying being disbelieved that I am a student and therefore eligible for many various discounts and finally, but also most importantly, how much I am enjoying it.
For next week, I have to think up an entrepreneurial idea and tweet it in 140 characters. In fact reading through the Enterprise module makes me think of The Apprentice, and I half expect to be greeted by Sir Alan at some point (though hopefully not to be told I'm fired). So what will I come up with, which 'Action Learning Set' group will I be placed in and what will next week bring? Keep reading to find out. In fact, why not subscribe to or follow this blog and make me feel like I'm not actually doing this as some sort of therapy!

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