Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Welcome to Brown Group

At our production labs session on Monday, we were told that as well as our own production labs project, we are also responsible for helping, advising and supporting 5 other students.

Having been placed in groups (mine being the Brown group) our first 'task' was to get the students were are 'supervising' to tell us a little bit about themselves including an audit of their skills. So to facilitate this, I made a section on my unused forum so that our communications were open and transparent, it would be easier to see the flow of the conversation and also because not everyone uses/likes using Facebook. This decision was made after exchanging emails between all of the members of our group to agree a concensus. I have emailed all of the students were are 'supervising' to invite them to post a short piece about themselves and hopefully we will have a response soon.

Below is the wording of the email I circulated to the students we are working with:

Hello all.

We are your Brown Group ‘supervisors’, Jaslena, Tania, Chaiyanun, Simon and Andy.

As the first part of the Production Labs unit, we need to know a little bit more about you so we would like to invite you to visit where you will see a link to log in using your Twitter account (on the right of the page) and then if you visit the forum (using the link at the top of the page) you will see a forum post welcoming you to the Brown group ( and asking you to post a little bio about yourself, telling us about your skills, interests, hobbies etc. You can do this by typing a reply in the box under ‘Reply to this topic’ and then clicking the blue box with ‘Reply’ on it.

We decided to use this as a communication tool to simplify the process and so everything that is said is open and transparent.

If you have any problems at all, please email Andy.

We look forward to working with you and helping and supporting you throughout this element of the course.